Madame Vuvuzela

Human Bard of Lore


A tall and voraciously available female, although only in her attention. Her company is reserved for those that have either the power or influence to pluck her gaze from the heavens above.

Those that gain her company are rare, and those that leave her company intact are even rarer.


DOB 2251

“What the fuck are you two doing in here? Quit dicking around and get your shit together!”

Vuvu, a very charismatic and adventurous girl, left her hometown very early and travelled far and wide. She eventually met up with a man that she later learned to be the God Corellon, who granted her the powers that she has today.

The gift came at a cost; Corellon is a jealous God that was displaced during The Breaking along with the other deities. He has a love/hate relationship with Vuvu that she herself doesn’t understand.

Madame Vuvuzela

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