Garum-Mashala, traveller, may the twin suns light your path.

Welcome to the humble word of Cré, where the suns Arambha and Virama keep their watchful eyes on the continents of Al-Mi’ad and Ag Tosú.

Al-Mi’ad , a thriving land of diversity, mainly populated along the coast, where the ships of its many nations trade freely.

The desert spans thousands of leagues in Vyāpāra and is found in the east where there is little to be found but for the deceitful Sand Elves in their caravans and the the occasional vicious Gnomads who plague the caravans that travel between the trading cities.

The north is ruled by the Dwarves in Mahayana and the Orcs in Krait, at war for some time, and recent escalations in the area have heightened tensions. The Dwarves, with their incredible feats of engineering, have brought technology to match the sinister powers of the Orcs. However, there are some that remember a time when the Orcs and Dwarves lived in peace, not so long ago. What has happened in the land of the Orcs, that they have turned to the darkness so quickly?

Ag Tosú is a land that has been seemingly forgotten by the advances and diversity and culture of it’s eastern counterpart. Although the people of this land are stern hard folk they keep trade open with all nations freely enough and have no recent disputes besides a raid here or there by the pirates on the sea or the bandits on the land.

The Third Moon of Cré

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