Dragonborn Arcane Trickster


A Dragunborn bereft of a home, he’s been making his living as a scoundrel, smuggler and a rogue for some time.

With a past as shady as the tricks he uses in battle, Grash keeps his past close and his enemies closer.


DOB 2234, Unknown Month

“Hey, you want to make some coin?”

Those were the words that got Grash into this mess.

Grash is not one to let a purse of gold slip through his fingers, and the job promised to be one of the easiest he’d ever signed up for; make sure a lithe tribe girl made it to Masalan in Al-Mi’ad, then handing her over to the contact. He’d heard of the place plenty of times, the sun was warm, the women beautiful and the coin practically littered the streets, so of course he took the job. Why wouldn’t he? However, as most things with Grash, things got a little out of hand.

He knew there were dangerous things going on over in Al-Mi’ad, something about a war and a drought, but those were things that had been plaguing the dust-bowl of a continent for generations. There were always fights between the desert elf clans and the brainless Gnomad tribes. But apart from all this, all he needed to do was get to the port town of Masalan and meet the contact. He’d done the odd smuggling job here and there, and a helped a few notable characters disappear, and this job promised to be no different. It was just a few weeks to cross the Boiling Sea, drop off the girl, see the sights, and maybe pick up a souvenir or two to remember the trip.

Should be real easy.


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