Sand Elves Clan Chief


Female Sand Elf, tall and imposing. Short sandy hair with a large spear always at her side. She keeps to herself, except in battle where she is a whirlwind of death and silence.


Falca is known for being a feisty and confident leader in the eyes of her people. Secretly she struggles with feelings of inadequacy and loss. Many of her people have been lost to the desert spirits whilst under her care.

She recently led a coup d’état against the repressive Human/ Drag’unBorne regime in the Masalan city-state in the Vyāpāra region.

With the aid of Jalana and Grash, she was able to rid the city of the elite merchant-rulers and the sand elves have since destroyed what semblance of structure the city once had. It is now a shell of the once thriving city it once was, the taxes that once kept the sand elves and other races at the whim of the maddened merchant king are now gone and the Sand Elves can pass freely through the land.


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