Tielfing Monk


Male Tiefling Monk


Ekemon met Bars in the Tome of the All Seeing King. Together they found a tome of great worth.

Since then they had found out that Ekemon was working for the Sha-Khan of Dharma, as a spy gathering intelligence and feeding it back to the Rakshasa’a agents.

Ekemon, in a moment of sheer panic, tried to force Grash and Jalana to give him the Iron Bands of Billaro. They refused, and with Grash already knowing that Ekemon was a traitor to their cause, decided to end his life.

Before he could be executed, a giant rift opened to the Nine Hells, out fo this came the upper half of a giant Pit Fiend, an enormous and incredibly powerful demon that told them that Ekemon had made a deal and had not fulfilled his part of it, and his life was forfeit. The demon scewered Ekemon and dragged him into the closing portal to his death.


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