The Third Moon of Cré

Chapter 26

A leader lost

They walk through the ruins of Corundum, most have fled, but many perished.
They see a small band of looters and just before they engage they see a flurry of blades and magic destroy the looters.
Wyne and a short woman name Gwendoline Blackfoot sees them. They explain about the dragon brood that came. They explain that they rallied some and got them to safety.

They ask about Wyne, Lilac says “Follow me.” and brings them to a hill. A few people are about, they move out of the way and they see a pyre.

Upon the pyre is a body wrapped completely in linen, a mighty sword across its chest.

The group looked to the corpse and then to Wyne.

“He died protecting those whom he served.” Said the curiously coloured sorcerer.

The ceremony was short and many of the townsfolk came to mourn. His body burned, sending his spirit to the gods to judge him.

The group speak with Gwen briefly, interrupting her sharpening her axe. She returns their questions with scorn, giving the group the impression that she didn’t think highly of them.

They spend the night (Vuvu with Lilac) and Hemmit and Jalana spend the night smoking sapphire weed. They experience a strange thing, they catch glimpses of each others dreams. Jalana sees the spires of the Twin Cities. Hemmit sees Jalanas grammy
They also experience the dreams of a man sitting near them, of how he worked on the field of the sapphire weed and how the weed is all sent to Dharma.

They leave after a tenday, after having their ship fixed.

They pop the boat on the river and set sail. Vuvu almost missing the boat again.

They stop at a port and find that they are warehousing the sapphire weed. A huge shipment arrived destined for the citadel in Dharma. The group decides it’s in their best interest to steal it.

They disembark the Dragunship downriver under the cover of darkness and creep back into town. Making their way behind the warehouse and into the room was no small task, with Hemmit’s clanking armour. A lone creature in dazzling robes sits atop a pile of hessian sacks full of the plant. They ambush him, knocking him out and take as much as they can before escaping back to their boat, and immediately set sail, with Hemmit enjoying the fruits (or flowers) of their labour.


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